Monday, June 12, 2006

My mama said I need to come home before I vaporize. She may have a point.

While talking to Courtney yesterday, I suggested that leaving France is like dying slowly. (To this, she responded, "Now's the time to write!"). You see, when speaking French, I already feel myself losing words and the American accent shows itself once again. But we're okay. I heard that the French never goes away entirely. It just a matter of shaking it awake from time to time.

I, also, talked to Sunny yesterday (she's my "stuffed" rabbit--although she doesn't much like that term). I said, "Sunny, it's alright, you're gonna see Pat soon." At that moment, oddly enough, I felt a weight lifted off my chest. I hadn't said anything to Sunny in a good long time. And I certainly hadn't thought of Pat or Mr. Bean or any other furry friends. If I had, they were simply my "stuffed" animals, not the friends I know them to be. Shocking, I know. So, while this year is unforgettable, an experience full of color, taste, and poetry, I feel as if I slipped into the adult world.

I saw Monsieur Mont Sainte-Victoire on Saturday from a distance at dusk. His voice softly rumbles through grasses and pines. I hope it can travel over oceans, too.


Blogger Rae said...

Well you can tell Sunny that Tori and Seis have been waiting for her return!
I've decided that I don't care much for the adult world, I think it would be best if we applied our common Christian phrase "Be in the world not of the world" to the adult world as well. I'm counting on you to remind my stubborn heart to be like that of a child's.
I know no eye has seen and no ear has heard... but i imagine heaven sounds a bit like the laughter of a child. the kind of laughter that never grows old.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Mr.PIG said...

Chere Eleanor,
Tout a l'heure quand je devais te quitter et que je savais desormais ce ne serait plus facile pour nous de nous revoir, j'ai eu tellement envie de pleurer! Pourtant je n'ai pas pleure devant toi, je savais que tu ne l'aimais pas. C'est tout a fait inattendu pour moi d'avoir passe une telle belle annee avec vous tous! Comme Jean-Paul disait : Que faire? La vie est ainsi faite: tout passe et
"il faut faire avec". Dans 10 ans on se reverra! N'oublie pas le rendez-vous devant Monoprix! Ciao! Je t'embrasse!**(<--deux fois)

6:03 AM  

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